An increasing number of young children are using mobile phone apps.

Children as young as three are accessing the internet, and many young people are carrying mobile phones for personal safety and keeping in touch; but crime, fraud and cyber bullying can accompany internet use and mobile devices so young people need to learn how to increase their safety.

Out of your Hands aims to protect young people from becoming victims of phone crime and fraud, offering real life victim and perpetrator case studies and short films, and the latest tips and advice for staying safe, making financial transactions and using digital media.

We offer FREE National Curriculum materials for Key Stage 2, 3 and 4.

Our Resources support PSHE/Citizenship, English and Drama, ICT, Maths and Business Studies aim to help teachers address these issues with young people so they can protect themselves when using a mobile device.

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Mobile Theft for Key Stage 3-4

The main concept of ‘Out of Your Hands’, we look at ways to help prevent Mobile Phone Crime.

Online Fraud for Key Stage 3-4

We look at ways to prevent fraud and how to avoid becoming a victim of financial fraud. 

Identity Theft for Key Stage 3-4

Preserve safety online and help prevent identity theft whilst helping young people maintain control of their Online Identity.

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