Stay in control when you are online...

Aiming to protect young people from becoming victims of
phone crime and fraud

Teaching methods to preserve safety online
and help prevent identity theft



Age group: 7 to 16
Teaching the responsible way to own, operate and safeguard a mobile phone.


Age group: 11 to 16
Teaching how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.


Age group: 7 to 16
Teaching methods to preserve safety online and help prevent identity theft.

 Out of Your Hands / Out of Your Pocket / Out of Your Control

An increasing number of young children are using mobile phone apps, children as young as three are accessing the internet, and many young people are carrying mobile phones for personal safety and keeping in touch; but crime, fraud and cyberbullying can accompany internet use and mobile devices so young people need to learn how to increase their safety.This website provides:

  • FREE National Curriculum materials supporting PSHE/Citizenship, English and Drama, ICT, Maths and Business Studies along with downloadable worksheets. Resources aim to help teachers address these issues with young people so they can protect themselves when using a mobile advice; making financial transactions and using digital media
  • real life victim and perpetrator case studies and short films
  • the latest tips and advice for staying safe online and on the streets
  • key features of what to look for in common scams
  • links of where to register your mobile device, report issues or get further help

New Resource Assembly

make young people aware of the different types of fraud



we want your students to produce their own public information film



Teacher notes, curricular guidance and student materials.



Relevant advice and information for the whole of your family.


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