Take Five

The New Campaign to Stop Fraud

Take Five is a major new campaign to stop fraud to remind people that it pays to “stop and think” or “take five” when for example they receive an unsolicited call or e-mail that appears to be from a trusted organisation.

Fraud can happen to anybody. Intellect and age offer no protection against scammers. People know the facts on fraud. They have all the information they need to protect themselves. But in the rush of the moment, a ‘trust reflex’ takes over causing them to relinquish control and their ability to apply what they know.

We want to empower trusting people to protect themselves from fraud with a campaign that is disruptive and bold enough to override the trust reflex, and a call to action that is positive and simple enough to change behaviour.



Vodafone is committed to helping young people become more confident and resilient online.

Digital Parenting, Be Strong Online and other Vodafone initiatives empower parents, carers and schools to help children make the right choices in the digital world.

Technology has many benefits but it also brings challenges, such as sexting and bullying. Digital Parenting highlights the potential risks and gives you expert advice.

Digital Parenting initiative, which includes a website with tools, advice on current challenges and links to our magazine and Be Strong anti bullying campaign.

There are lots of parental controls and other online tools to help your child have a safer and more private online experience, many of which are free and easy to set up.

You might already have parental controls on your child’s computer but what about their smartphone, tablet, games console and other devices? Take a look at our guides so you can help to protect them when they are online at home, at a friend’s house or out and about. But remember, controls and tools aren’t always 100% effective and tech-savvy kids sometimes find their way round them.

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