Fraudsters are using increasingly more complex methods to steal people’s account details and then their money. These accounts are all based on true stories. Remember, fraudsters frequently change tactics so always be cautious of sharing your details with anyone!

Social media can be fun – but you need to be careful how much you reveal about yourself. Things got way out of hand for Nikki and she lost her whole identity…

Jessica used to be a bit ditzy – but now she has had her bank account emptied, she pays more attention at the Cash Point.

Ever heard the expression ‘…it sounds too good to be true’? Shame that Josh didn’t heed this advice instead of accepting a job before checking it out – his next outing might be to prison…

Brenda’s story shows how easy it can be to be the victim of vishing. She learns the hard way to check who is really on the phone…

Ali is a young man who has been the victim of phishing. He should have paid more attention before he responded to an email – supposedly from his bank…

This elderly man believed his caller when he was told his bank card had been misused – and diligently followed their instructions. Now he has lost his life savings.

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