The world wide web has made many of life’s tasks much easier and more efficient, but – as with life in the real world – there are various people on the internet who are out to get rich quickly by defrauding people out of their money. The way to beat these crooks is to wise up to their tricks and learn how to protect your pocket and keep your bank details safe online.

Nothing can protect you completely as fraudsters are always trying new tactics. So look out for anything suspicious and remember to stay SAFE:

  • Suspect anything or anyone you don’t know – no matter what or who they claim to be.
  • Ask questions. Whatever a fraudster tries, you have the power to stay in control.
  • Find out for certain who you’re dealing with. Challenge anything that seems suspect.
  • End situations that make you uncomfortable. If you feel threatened, contact the police.

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Typical Scams gives you the lowdown on common tactics. Read our tips for:

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