These case studies provides more true-to-life stories of victims, thieves and mediators and deals with the aftermath of mobile phone crime. Pupils should try to empathise with the different points of view and gain a better understanding of the ‘bigger picture’ of mobile phone theft. The five stories help to explain the consequences of mobile phone theft, for seven different characters who between them portray the victims, thieves and mediators involved in mobile phone crime.

The characters portrayed are:

Hannah – Victim
Robert – Mediator (Buyer)
Sarah – Mediator (Victim of peer pressure)
Steve – Thief
Ray – Mediator (Accomplice)
Kate – Thief
Sunil – Mediator (Stolen goods handler)

You can use the these case studies to help consider the recurring nature of mobile phone crime introduced in the assembly ‘My Brother’s Phone’ (PSHE), including the factors affecting the appeal to steal, such as:

  • Quality of handset.
  • Functionality of the phone.
  • Smart phone technology providing access to the internet and greater access to
    personal information.
  • The ease of opportunity for theft (items left unattended or visible in open bags and
    back pockets).

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