Mobile phones are desirable devices with most young people wanting one. But carrying a mobile phone attracts an increased risk of theft, especially for children. Children are more likely to have their mobile phone stolen than adults so need to learn how to keep themselves safe and how not to get involved in the cycle of mobile phone crime.

The My Brother’s Phone Assembly is designed to appeal to or 7-11 year olds. It provides an age appropriate introduction to mobile phone crime using a specially written story with reflection and discussion points.

This activity is supported by curriculum-linked Teacher’s Notes which provide suggestions for follow up activities and discussions.

Teachers can also use these resources to stimulate and continue class discussion.

My Brother’s Phone Assembly can also be used as an introductory activity to further PSHE and Drama work in Theft Cycle Characters.

Please download the Watch it! Safety Tips 7-11 years take home for pupils to inform parents know how to protect their phones too.

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My Brother’s Phone Assembly

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Watch It! Safety Tips 7-11 Years

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