Despite all the technological development that has evolved, the ‘unstealable’ mobile is yet to be designed, and with the increased functionality of our smart phones, comes an increase in mobile phone crime:

  • There are 2 million phone thefts every year, with children and young adults the most likely victims.
  • Mobile phone theft now accounts for about 45 per cent of all thefts on the London Underground.
  • Two thirds of robberies are committed by offenders working in groups.
  • About a half of all street robberies in Britain involve mobile phone theft and almost half of these victims are aged between 12 and 16.

In fact, rapidly changing technologies have increased the value and variety of handsets and given a boost to opportunistic criminals at the same time. REMEMBER the more up-to-date your handset and the more gadgets your mobile has, the greater the risk of it being stolen!

At the moment our only defence against mobile phone crime is to register your handset with Immobilise. With 80% of stolen phones blocked within 48 hours, if it does fall into the wrong hands it will render it useless. Find out more about protecting your phone and other portable electronic devices by logging on to

Remember the Watch it! Safety Tips

Even with the help of Immobilise we can’t stop thieves accessing the web from wifi enabled handsets, or more importantly, from accessing your personal details. So make sure you password or PIN protect sensitive information, or better still store it away from your handset in a password protected email account. You can also download the technology to track and even communicate with perpetrators using apps such as ‘Find My iPhone’, ‘lookout mobile security’ and ‘Norton mobile security’.

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