This debate and drama activity looks at the cycle of mobile phone theft and the characters that help to perpetuate the cycle. The activity is designed for students aged 10-14 years old, but could be used beyond this age range and explores some of the issues brought up in My Brother’s Phone PSHE Assembly.

This activity requires students to:

  • Watch the See it! Film Clips
  • Read the Read it! Accounts

Read the following news stories:

  • News Article – Attack of the Cyberbullies – Daily Mail
  • News Articles – Cyberbullies Out of the Playground – Successful Child Blog
  • News Article – Cyberbullies Beware – Sky News Online

Then consider:

  • If you have one, how important is your mobile phone to you?
  • What do/would you use a mobile phone for?
  • What impact does peer pressure have on people’s choice of phone?
  • Do you think the increased functionality of smartphones has added to their appeal to steal?
  • What could someone do with the personal data you store on your phone or computer?
  • How accessible or vulnerable is your personal data?

Now choose one of victims, perpetrators or mediators in one of the scenarios in the accounts you’ve read or watched and work out the characters:

  • Background
  • Behaviour
  • Motivation

Choose and prepare for one of the below exercises:

  • One character responding to group or class questions in the ‘hot seat’.
  • An improvised encounter between a victim and thief, or thief or victim and a mediator.
  • A character monologue explaining their actions and emotions before, during and/or after a theft or sale.

Use these Theft Cycle Cue Cards sheet to help develop your character.

How could you help prevent the cycle of mobile phone crime?

Remember to register your mobile phones, MP3 players and other portable electronics at and help Reduce the Appeal To Steal.

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Attack of the Cyberbullies

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Out of the Playground

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Theft Cycle Characters

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