Mobile phones have changed the way we live and the way we communicate. It could be argued that smartphones with internet access are changing the world more than any other invention ever has. It is getting easier and easier to communicate with anyone in the world at any time from any place and have information at our fingertips. This is what makes a mobile phone a powerful and desirable device.

Many young people have mobile phones; or if they don’t have one, they usually want one. However, owning a mobile phone can increase your chance of being robbed and having it stolen. These activities look at:

  • how mobile phones are affecting the way we communicate,
  • how the cycle of mobile phone theft is perpetuated and the toll it takes on those involved,
  • how we can protect ourselves from mobile phone crime.

Activities for 7-12 year olds:

Code Breaker is a photo-copiable, fun paper activity that gets pupils to use their language skills to solve a text message based problem and crack a code to get the key messages.

Mobile Role-Play is a scenario-based drama activity challenging pupils to explore and interpret the context and meaning of language and how the original meaning of a communication can get lost in short text messages or emails. Both activities aim to explore the evolution of language and the importance of clear communication.

Activity for 10-14 year olds:

Theft Cycle Characters is a drama and citizenship exercise looking at news stories about mobile phone crime and the characters that willingly or unwillingly perpetuate the cycle.

Activity for 14-16 year olds:

SMS db8 is a English exercise looking at the effect that SMS text speak is having on the English language and debating different view points.


These resources are available too:

Please download the Out of Your Hands Watch it! Safety Tips 11-16 for secondary students and/or Out of Your Hands Watch it! Safety Tips 7 – 11 to let parents know how to protect their phones.

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