Exploring the main concept of ‘Out of Your Hands’, we look at ways to help prevent Mobile Phone Crime; teaching the responsible way to own, operate and safeguard a mobile phone.

Aiming to educate young people about the impact of mobile phone crime and teach responsible mobile use, there are are a variety of activities including:

Useful Tips

There are now over 30 million people using the free and secure website – www.immobilise.com – which helps to fight this type of crime and works to return property back to its rightful owner. The Immobilise.com service allows you to register the details of your mobile phone and / or other possessions on a secure website. If your phone is lost or stolen, this stored information is available to help police investigate the crime. Your mobile network also have a way of blocking your phone within 48 hours of you contacting your network, so the phone is then useless to anyone else.

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