Identify Theft for Key Stage 3-4 aims to stop young people from becoming victims of identity theft and online crime by teaching them methods to protect their private data and to be confident when they are online. We want to pupils to understand the message of ‘Out of Your Control’.

There are a variety of resources available including:
English and Drama Activities for students aged 14-16, looking at what makes up our identity, how to protect our personal information to prevent fraud and the effects that new technologies are having on the way we communicate and express ourselves.

ICT Activities for students aged 7-16, looking at how methods of exchanging and communicating information are changing and the positive and negative influences of technology on us and our society.

Over 6 million people in the UK have been a victim of identity theft and most of these victims have spent anywhere from six months to two years recovering from it. In half of identity theft cases, the fraudsters apply for credit cards using someone else’s details. But in extreme cases, they have been known to buy houses too!

If you have been a victim of fraud, please report the fraud to Action Fraud.

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